Folk Dances of Punjab

Folk Dances of Punjab: The way wheat crop sways on the land of Punjab, the folk dances of Punjab are also full of emotions, intensity and energy.

The chief folk dance is ‘Bhangra’, which is performed on occasions but begins from the sowing of the wheat. The dance is started with playing of’Dhol’ inviting the young men who gather on listening the Dhol sound. They dance in a circle moving in a circular fashion and while dancing, call “ho ho” and lob the sticks held in their hands in air and clap simultaneously. The dance starts at a slow pace but gathers momentum gradually and is performed over a long time.

Like Bhangra, Gidda is also a famous folk dance. This is a dance essentially of women performing in a group. In this dance, the women move in circles and in between move very rapidly while holding hands of other women. They also maintain the pace of the song by clapping. Gidda dance enhances the grace of functions like marriage ceremonies.

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