Folk Dances of Assam

Folk Dances of Assam: A variety of folk dances are popular in Assam such as ‘dances of Khasi tribe”, ‘Bodo’,

‘Bodokyari tribe dance’, ‘Bihu dance’. ‘Naga dance’, ‘Nurharalim dance’ etc.

In Khasi tribal dance, the women adorn themselves by wearing a sliver crown embellished with feathers and men wear attractive turbans, hold swords and use the tail of the animal. This dance is of the maiden girls and involves specific body movements.

The Bodos or Bodokyari tribals dwell in the plains of Assam and are worshippers of lord Shiva. They depict the acts of lord Shiva in their dance. Assam is considered as the land of Nagas. Their dances relate to acts of bravery. Naga dancers wear attractive dress and adorn themselves with skins, bark, corals, conches, pearls and feathers.

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