Academic Research

Academic research is one of the main objectives and thus regarded as a fundamental and indispensable activity of Nad Sadhna. This Research Resource Centre provides and facilitates regular on-going research training and other related support to Research students and Interns. Research capacity development is first and foremost about developing appropriate research skills at an individual level and promoting a culture of research in the field of art and culture.
The primary functions of the Centre are as follows:
• To provide assistance with project planning and writing of research proposals;
• To provide a statistical advisory service to facilitate data acquisition, capture and analysis within research projects;
• To provide information to researchers on research and research policy at other institutions and government agencies;
• To organize seminars, workshops, talks, and symposia related to all aspects of the related research project;
• To provide physical resources in the form of computers, statistical software, Audio studio, video equipment, podcasting equipment and access to library & museum for the production of reports and other academic outputs, e.g., conference posters, conference papers and refereed journal articles.
In addition to these functions, the Centre strives:
• To promote the use of Information Technology in creation of a significant mass of networked information that can enrich a sense to preserve cultural information.
• To provide a link between the Subject and local individual researchers;
• To produce a number of research reference guides;
• To provide links with other research institutions and Internet sites through its own Internet web site

Support for a cause
Support for a cause

NAD-SADHNA INSTITUTE FOR INDIAN MUSIC AND RESEARCH CENTRE is a place where researchers in music education, professionals in related fields, as well as undergraduate, post graduate and PhD scholars, students and enthusiasts, can get together in a virtual exchange of information and knowledge in the field of Music Education and Musical Performance. Besides, our purpose is to work in areas as diverse as academic research, music and sound production, exhibition services, and the delivery of cinematic, music, and arts events. Nad Sadhna was founded in 2010 and is based in Jaipur, the city better described as the cultural capital of the Country. Having dedicated study facilities, extensive holdings of published and unpublished materials (books, journal and newspaper articles, scores and recordings), collections of recorded music and an audio visual laboratory.